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East London’s Premier Independent Skip Hire Company

If you’re looking for a reliable skip hire company in Essex and East London, you needn’t look further than Simpson Skip Hire Ltd. Our experienced and skilled team offer a range of skip hire services throughout the area.

Established in 2002, Simpson Skip Hire Ltd boasts a wealth of experience within the skip hire industry. We pride ourselves on our team of experts, many of who have been in the skip hire business throughout Essex and East London for over two decades. Our team can provide you with honest and professional advice and guidance, and help you find the right skip hire package to meet your needs.

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Supporting Saint Francis Hospice: Donate Today!

Our valued Simpson Skip Hire team member, Karl Gilbert, is launching himself out of a perfectly good aeroplane to raise funds for Saint Francis Hospice. As Karl prepares for his charity skydive, I am donating a portion of the proceeds to this incredible organization for every order we receive. You can also join us in supporting this vital organization by donating directly on Karl’s JustGiving page or by choosing to support Saint Francis Hospice in any way you can. No matter how small, every donation makes a difference in the lives of those in need. Let’s come together to support Saint Francis Hospice and ensure they can continue their compassionate care for those facing serious illnesses in our local community. Thank you for your heartfelt support on behalf of Mark and the team at Simpson Skip Hire Ltd,

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all of your waste will be recycled

Eco Friendly Skip Hire Across East London

At Simpson Skip Hire Ltd, we care about the environment. We comply with all ESA (Environmental Service Agency) standards, so you can rest assured our skip hire service is both responsible and eco-friendly. Our waste management service works on a zero-to-landfill policy, ensuring that all of your waste will be recycled.

In addition to this, our vehicles are Euro 6 rated – this minimises our carbon footprint thanks to ultra-low emissions. Many customers come to us because they know we take a sustainable approach to waste management.

Choose Your Skip!

We Have A Range Of Skips For Hire

At Simpson Skip Hire Ltd, we provide a full range of skip sizes for any amount of waste, whatever quantity or type of waste you need to get rid of, we will be able to provide the ideal skip without the inflated cost that national skip hire broker sites chance their arm with.

If you like to support local businesses and want fantastic service fused with a simple, secure and fast online booking platform, it just has to be Simpson Skip Hire Ltd.

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Finding The Right Skip

We can help you find the ideal skip for your purposes. It’s always a good idea to call our skip hire specialists to discuss your requirements and get expert advice, but first, here are a few things to think about when choosing a skip.

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Finding The Right Skip

We can help you find the ideal skip for your purposes. It’s always a good idea to call our skip hire specialists to discuss your requirements and get expert advice, but first, here are a few things to think about when choosing a skip.

What Size Skip Do I Need?

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A 6-yard skip is suitable for most general household jobs, so this is the standard size we recommend for residential customers. For particularly heavy loads, we would recommend an 8-yard skip, which is ideal for soils, bricks and rubble. It’s the largest skip permitted on public highways.

What Price Should I Expect?

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We calculate prices based on the size or volume of the skip you choose, and on the type of waste, you propose to fill it with. One additional cost that may be incurred is a permit that is required to place a skip on a public road.

Do You Take Cards For Payment?

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Absolutely, but it doesn’t stop there, we have an online skip booking system for your convenience which means we can take payments securely. So yes, we can accept debit or credit cards, as well as cash on delivery of your skip when booked over the phone. If required, we’ll also arrange for a bank transfer.

How Long Can I Rent A Skip For?

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You are free to decide in advance how long you need it, but our standard hire terms are up to 14 days per skip. We are however very flexible and if you would like your skip to be collected early or to extend your hire we can arrange this for you.

What Happens To The Waste?

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We’re proud to say that 100% of your waste is likely to be recycled. Many building and construction materials are prepared for reuse, meaning there’s very little that we collect that ends up in landfills.

What Should I Not Do With My Skip?

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Never move the skip once placed by the driver. Do not burn waste in or near the skip. Don’t overload. The skip must be filled at the maximum level at the top of the skip. Also, do not pour paint or leave paint in tins or any liquids into a skip. These will leak from drain holes, possibly onto your driveway, our truck, and vehicles following the truck. Asbestos is strictly prohibited. Any roof sheeting material, even concrete based products, must have a test certificate and be bagged separately. If it looks like asbestos, we will treat it as such until proved otherwise and refuse collection or return load as contaminated. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Why Choose Us

Tailored Skip Hire Services

Tailored Skip Hire Services

Expert Skip Hire Advice

Expert Skip Advice

We Have A Wide Range Of Skips

Zero to Landfill – 100% of waste recycled

Zero to Landfill – 100% of Waste Recycled

Ideal For a Wide Range of Commercial & Residential Jobs

Highly experienced team

We Have a Highly Experienced Team

Same day or next day delivery

Same Day or Next Day Delivery

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Simpson Skip Hire Ltd’s

Our team at Simpson Skip Hire Ltd is well known for having a penchant for regularly putting the world to rights. Here you can keep up to date with the latest and goings-on from Simpson Skip Hire Ltd and the world of waste management. Hiring a skip in East London & Essex is a convenient waste disposal answer for anyone needing to get rid of bulk quantities of waste. So we’ve included some tips on how best to use your skip to deal with your trash in the most efficient way possible.